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I like it. Makes more sense than a lithe form in a toga telling you what to do.

Especially for dwarves. Ever since I first saw the movie I’ve always thought of dwarves as the hockey players of Middle Earth, and now thanks to tygermama they’re going to be forever intertwined. I might have to put old games on in the background to get any writing done after this!

Oh, for fuck’s sake, how has my brain never make the connection between calling the defense D and the rather obvious leap to the ‘they want the D’ meme? Godsdamn it all so much, what am I going to do when hockey and fandom collide? That’s all I am.

Muses are very inappropriate. Aren’t they just lovely things? :D

I adore all of mine. I’ve lost count of the voices. All the lovely, naughty voices…

Ah yes, playoff hockey, the most wonderful time of the y…what, my muse? Time to finish the smutty scene? Why, that sounds perfect! Nothing like watching grown ass men getting sweaty in hockey equipment to get me in the mood for this tender, touching moment!

what is wrong with my brain

I am forever disappointed by the pronunciation of Marc Andre Cliche’s last name. We were one accent aigu away from announcer hilarity.

Speaking as one who is studying nutrition, as far as I’m concerned you have all of your basic food groups covered right there. We’ll count the green M&M’s as vegetables too ;p

What a relief, I was worried it wasn’t a fully rounded presentation and you’ve taken a great weight from my mind!! :D

I am an adult and this is what I made as a dessert tray last night.

Today I have achieved more in one hour than I normally do in one day.



Magical Blue Crystals Cover an Entire Room by  Roger Hiorns

Seizure is a large-scale installation by British artist Roger Hiorns in which he used unexpected materials to transform an everyday room into a giant piece of art. To create the site-specific installation, Hiorns covered the surface of the interior with plastic sheeting. He then poured more than 20,000 gallons of boiling copper sulphate solution into the abandoned space and let the liquid cool for three weeks. As the liquid cooled, these strange blue crystalline growths began to form, covering the walls, the floors, and the ceiling. The remaining liquid was drained and sent out for special chemical recycling.             

So fucking crazy.

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Romaine Brooks: Femme avec des fleurs (spring); ~1912.


Romaine Brooks: Femme avec des fleurs (spring); ~1912.

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